November 25th, 2008

pumpkin pies, candied yams, and rosy palms

As tends to happen every November or so, it's Thanksgiving season, and time for us to cough up a rote list of things we pretend to be thankful for... y'know, things like our thankless jobs... nagging, frigid spouses... vampiric children. But rather than bore you with 2,500 words or so of strangely-located mid-season end credits (I'll just wait for the Oscar), I'd like to simply and very sincerely state at this time that I'm most thankful in life for one thing: my hand. The Internet would be far, far too lonely a place without it.

I'm also grateful for suckas who, based upon an examination of week-to-week voting records, quite obviously "invited" their entire F-list in to vote for them in the previous week in an effort to save their own ass from elimination, thus opening them up as totally fair game for Declaration of Rap Battle.

But perhaps a more in-depth examination of that particular gratitude will have to wait for another time. To celebrate Thanksgiving 2k8, here's my deeply artistic rendering of one of my two hands (truly, I am blessed!). I know you might have a hard time seeing it, because-- get this-- I've disguised it as a photorealistic depiction of an anthropomorphic turkey.

dear baxophobia: this is actually the worst hand-turkey the world has ever seen

Once the shock and awe wears off, please feel free to fill the comments of this post with foolish attempts at similarly photorealistic depictions of Thanksgiving-related objects, as sketched around the silhouetted framework of your favorite body part.

Don't forget the reason for the season. I know I haven't.